“Pursuing Excellence” is the motto to which the college is dedicated. We aim at providing meritorious service in the field of education. This institution is inspired by the zeal of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, an educationist of the foregone century and the founder of the CMI Congregation.

Fr.Porukara College provides Higher Education that does not merely give information and knowledge but makes one’s life in harmony with all existence. The college helps to bring out the beauty of one’s life in all its “excellence”, perfection and noble forms. Thus the college tries to impart knowledge and enlightenment as well as the spirit of patriotism.


Man has abundant capacity to achieve excellence in any field. Excellence does not have an end. The area of management is no exception to this perception. The college strives to achieve the all-round development of the personality of students with particular attention given to academic pursuits. To be in this campus is an enjoyable and worthy journey where one can accommodate mutual sharing, equality and collective responsibility.