1. Keep your foot wears outside the lab.

2. Keep your bag outside the lab and bring only the lab assignment related books with you to the lab.

3. You are not allowed to bring food & drinks in to the lab.

4. Keep complete silence in the lab.

5. Computer lab is to be used only for academic purposes.

6. Students, who enter the lab should write their Name, Roll no, system no, etc. in the Lab Register promptly. Don’t forget to write logout time on leaving the lab.

7. Students are supposed to use the system allotted to them, only during lab hours.

8. You are not allowed to use the lab resources or printers for personal use.

9. You are not permitted to do anything related to the system properties, system configurations, either hardware or software. (Eg. Display Properties, screen savers, wallpapers, network properties, etc.)

10. You are not allowed to download, install or use any outside software in the lab.

11. Do not use games, chat rooms or messengers.

12. You are not permitted to rearrange or replace or misplace any of the computer peripherals such as monitor, CPU, Keyboard, mouse etc..Else seek the help of the system Administrator under unavoidable circumstances.

13. Before leaving the lab, you must shutdown the system allotted to you and arrange your chairs properly.



  1. The principal is the ultimate disciplinary authority of the college.
  2. Political activities on the part of students and the members of staff are strictly forbidden on the college campus.
  3. Smoking, consumption of alcoholic beverages and use of narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited. Criminal proceedings will be taken against those found under the influence of alcohol or narcotic drugs within the campus.
  4. Vandalism and destruction of college property will be severely dealt with and material loss will be fully recovered with fine.
  5. Student should wear at all times college identification cards which should be shown to the authorities and to the watchman when demanded. Class teachers may see to it that students comply with this.
  6. When the students meet a member of the staff within the campus or outside, they will greet him/her as a mark of respect.
  7. Teachers shall be responsible for maintaining discipline in classes.
  8. Students are expected to keep decency and decorum in their dress and behaviour. Pictures and writing of any sort shall not be exhibited on the dress.
  9. Misconduct shall include:
    1. Staying away from classes without sufficient reason.
    2. Disrespectful behaviour towards the staff.
    3. Provoking students to strike and participating in strike, dharna etc. in the college.
    4. Disorderly behaviour in the class.
    5. Organizing tours without the permission of the principal.
    6. Scribling offensive, abusive or obscene words or figures on black boards or any of writings on the walls or other places in the college or the college campus.
  10. These rules are liable to be amended when found necessary. The following activities are banned in the college campus as per the State Government order:
    1. Ban on ragging as per Government order 16992/Leg B/97 dated 24th April 1998 and 1943/2005UVV dated 21st November 2005.
    2. Ban on the use of cell phone (Mobile Phone)as per order RT/340/05/UVV dated 1st March 2005.
    3. Ban on Cinematic Dance as per order RT/340/05/UVV dated 1st March 2005.
    4. Dissociation of students from politics on the college campus as per Supreme Court order SLPN02429/2004.


Code of Conduct

  1. On entering the library, one should enter their name and signature in the registration book.
  2. Borrowing materials without a valid Identity card number is prohibited.
  3. The use of another's Identity card is prohibited.
  4. Do not reshelf Books, Periodicals etc., leave them on the tables properly after use.
  5. Talking is strictly prohibited in the Library.
  6. Personal belongings must be left in the provided cupboards. The Library is not responsible for any item left in the Library.
  7. Food or Drink is not allowed in the Library.
  8. Laptop if used in the library must have its own power and cable connector.
  9. Cell phones are to be set in the "OFF" or "VIBRATOR" mode prior to entering the Library.
  10. The use of pen drive is strictly prohibited in the library.
  11. Students must take care of Library Materials and must not deface them by underlining, writing or drawing in them, tearing any part of them, or in any other way.
  12. Library is a place of Individual study, Library members should maintain an atmosphere of dignity, peace and silence within the Library.
  13. Loss & Defacement of Books, Journals and CD's .
  14. The Cost of replacement with double amount will be charged to the person for loss or damage of library materials. If any student intentionally deface or damage any library item, will have his/her Library Privileges revoked for a period of time determined by the Library Committee.