About Us...

Aims and Objectives

To provide a nurturing and trusting environment to learn and grow. ...

Principal's Message

At present, education considered as the most relevant method not only for success in life, but for character formation, presentation etc....


“Pursuing Excellence” is the motto to which the college is dedicated. We aim at providing meritorious service in the field of education. This institution is inspired by the zeal of Saint Kuriakose Elias Chavara, an educationist of the foregone century and the founder of the CMI Congregation.
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Core Value`s


We believe that faith in God is the beginning of true wisdom and the anchor of life. Human life would be meaningless without faith in oneself and others too. The college provides a platform to grow in faith, the bedrock of holistic growth.
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Campus Life

Living on campus is an exciting part of the Academy experience. The dorms are comfortable but that is not what makes it so special. What makes it fun and rewarding is experiencing the give and take of living and growing together with people who care and whose friendship is genuine
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Fr. Saji Chiramukhathu

Dr. Somasekharan.B.Pillai